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What is the back and neck preventative programme?

The back and neck preventative programme’s goal is to assist you with chronic back and/or neck pain, and to improve the clinical state of the back and/or neck in order to prevent surgery.

Documented Based Care (DBC) and Workability facilities are Bestmed’s contracted healthcare providers for this programme. The principles applied include analysis, correction, and maintenance of the correct body posture as well as stabilisation of the spine.

All members are entitled to this benefit, provided they meet the entry criteria.

To be considered for the programme, a member must be referred by a medical doctor to visit a DBC Clinic or Workability facility for an evaluation/first assessment to determine if the member has a suitable clinical profile and will benefit from the programme. If the member is considered to qualify for the programme, the doctor will provide a motivation to the Scheme. The member can then send the application to Bestmed for consideration and authorisation.

Which Scheme options provide cover under this benefit?

This benefit is available to qualifying members on all the Scheme options. It is available where there are DBC/Workability facilities in the area.


How to apply for the benefit?

You must be referred by a medical doctor to make an appointment at a DBC/Workability facility. You then need to visit the DBC/Workability facility and undergo an initial assessment for the clinic to determine if you are a suitable candidate. The first assessment will be covered by the Scheme if you qualify for the programme. If you do not qualify, the amount of the first assessment will either be payable from available day-to-day benefits/savings or from your own pocket.

There are also instances where the Scheme could refer you, scheduled for surgery, to visit such a facility. These referrals are covered by Bestmed.

Please keep in mind that a full clinical history, including the latest X–rays and other reports are required for the Scheme to evaluate the request. Once the assessment report has been evaluated, the rehabilitation treatment programme may be approved as suggested or declined. Bestmed will confirm the services that will be reimbursed and for which duration the approval is valid.

After obtaining pre–authorisation from the Scheme, the service provider will schedule an appointment for you to start the programme. It is important to take note that for this programme to have optimum results, you must adhere to all clinic visits without any interruption.