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Tax certificate/membership queries


Tax Certificate

The 2022 tax season commences 1 July and your tax certificate will be ready and delivered to you via email and the self-service platforms before mid-June.

Please note: We ask you to ensure that you contact details are up to date so that you receive your tax certificate timeously.

Please note that you can access your tax certificate via:
1. Email – Tax certificates will be emailed to all members. Please keep an eye out for these.
2. Member login portal – You can login to the portal on the Bestmed website and download your tax certificate from there
3. Bestmed App – The App is available from the Google Play Store (Android devices), App Gallery (Huawei devices) or the Apple App Store (iOS devices) – or you can follow this link to download it. Once you have registered and logged in, you will be able to download your tax certificate