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24h Emergency: 084 124


The Bestmed member portal allows you to stay up to date with your option cover, anywhere, anytime. With this application, you can view your profile, claims, benefits, authorisations, payment history and correspondence, and search for healthcare providers. You can also update your profile details and submit claims through this portal.

Manage your membership online by logging in above or download the app to have convenient and easy access to your personal healthcare benefits and records. This includes the following information:

  • Membership policy information
  • Personal statements
  • Your personal benefits
  • Key contact information
  • Real-time savings balances
  • Find a network healthcare provider
  • Submit claims
  • Savings refunds
  • A record of your correspondence with us

The Bestmed App is available from the Google Play Store (Android devices) or the Apple App Store (iOS devices) – or you can follow this link to download it.



If a member is not satisfied with a response then you may choose to escalate the process.

+27 (0)86 000 2378

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 2297


Anonymous Fraud & Ethics

Bestmed acts proactively in addressing unethical behaviour, theft, fraud or related activity and has thus joined forces with KPMG to fight such practices. Should you be aware of any fraudulent, corrupt or unethical practices involving Bestmed employees, service providers or even Bestmed members, please report this anonymously to KPMG.

The Bestmed hotline operates as an independent conduit where callers are guaranteed anonymity. The call centre is secure and the public doesn’t know the location thereof. Furthermore, Bestmed cannot demand that the identity of the caller be revealed.

+27 (0)801 11 02 10

Postal: KPMG Hotpost BNT371
PO Box 14671