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How to make sure you are covered?

Call 0861 838 333 or email bestmed-assist@linkham.com to activate the international travel benefit when you are planning to travel out of the country.

To be eligible to receive benefits under that is included in the international travel insurance policy, your premiums must be up to date and the travel insurance policy was issued before your date of departure from your country of residence.

Please note that the turnaround time for receipt of the policy document is 24 business hours. Please read the policy document carefully to ensure that you understand all the terms and conditions.

What does the international travel policy cover?

  • This benefit covers you and your family for Medical Emergencies when you travel outside of South Africa.
  • The International travel insurance for Emergency Medical Conditions covers unforeseen and unexpected illnesses or accidental injuries (includes Pre-existing Medical Conditions up to R250 000)
  • The cover provided is not a medical scheme and does not cover medical procedures that can be done in South Africa.

What is the benefit limit?

Description Cover
Duration – leisure travel (excluding USA) 90 days
Duration - leisure travel (including USA) 45 days
Duration - business travel age 18 to 70 years (excluding manual labour) 45 days
Emergency medical, including epidemic/pandemic diseases such as COVID-10, and related expenses worldwide excluding USA – (member and dependants only) R3 000 000
Emergency medical, including epidemic/pandemic diseases such as COVID-10, and related expenses including– USA (member and dependants only) R500 000
Pre-existing medical conditions - Inpatient – 1 (one) overnight stay in hospital (no cover for outpatient treatment) (The member must be hospitalised overnight to qualify for the benefit, excludes cover for outpatient treatment). R250 000
Emergency dental R5 000
Emergency optical R5 000
Cost for telephone calls to the Emergency Assistance Service  R1 000
Cost of taxi fares for your travel to or from hospital relating to your admission, discharge, or attendance for outpatient treatment or appointments and/or for collection of medication prescribed for you by the hospital.  R1 000
Outpatient Physiotherapy or manipulative treatment  R2 000
Medical Evacuation, Repatriation and Transportation Up to the medical limit 
Excess – outpatient and inpatient treatment R2 000 
86 and older - you do not have cover at Europe Assistance, but Bestmed will cover medical expenses see slide on Bestmed claims.

Who manages the benefit?

The Benefit is managed by Europ Assistance SA and is administered by Linkham Services SA (Pty) Ltd (FSP 45396), underwritten by GENRIC Insurance Company Limited (FSP 43638), an authorised financial services provider and licensed non-life insurer.

Who is covered?

Bestmed members who live in South Africa and regard it as their permanent home are entitled to this benefit.

What is covered?

  • Emergency medical and related expenses.
  • Hospitalisation: outpatient and in-patient.
  • Emergency optical and dental expenses.
  • Medical repatriation, evacuation, and transportation.

Limits, excesses, terms, and conditions apply. These are outlined in the policy wording and documents.

Are mandatory vaccines covered?

There is no benefit for vaccines.

What is not covered (excluded)?

  • Travelling on a one-way airline ticket.
  • Cover for winter sports, adventure, and/or hazardous activities.
  • Cover not activated before you leave South Africa.
  • A child born whilst on the journey.
  • Treatment that the medical advisors are aware of will arise during the international journey or where a medical advisor has advised against travel.
  • Investigatory treatment that is not specified by a medical practitioner appointed by the Insurer as immediately necessary.
  • Elective surgery, procedures or medical appointments, and travel specifically to obtain treatment abroad.
  • The benefits will not cover you if you intend to emigrate.
  • Expenses incurred in obtaining or replacing medication.
  • Additional costs arising from single or private room accommodation.
  • Treatment or services provided by a health spa, convalescent or nursing home, or any rehabilitation center unless agreed by the Emergency Assistance Service.
  • Any costs incurred by you to visit another person in a hospital.
  • Any expenses incurred after you have returned to your home.
  • Any expenses incurred after the date we exercise our rights under this section to move you from one hospital to another and/or arrange for your repatriation, but you decide not to be moved or repatriated.
  • Business travel undertaking manual labour.

What information is required when requesting cover for an overseas trip?

  • Member medical aid and plan.
  • Member number.
  • Full names and surname as reflected in the passport.
  • ID number.
  • Contact numbers.
  • Departure date and date of arrival back in South Africa.
  • Are you travelling for business or leisure?
  • Will you be participating in any hazardous pursuits or adventure sports?
  • Do you have any pre-existing conditions?
  • Email address to where the policy document should be emailed.
  • Physical Address.


How to get emergency assistance?

Emergency medical assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call 0861 838 333 or email assist@europassistance.co.za as soon as possible if you need assistance. Reverse call charges are also accepted.

What must you do?

  • Read the Policy Wording and Schedule of Benefits to be familiarised with what is covered and not covered.
  • Obtain your family’s travel insurance policies before they leave on the trip.
  • Be fit and healthy to travel.
  • In the event of an incident, it is your duty to contact the Emergency Assistance Services.
  • For all expenses over R5 000, the member must contact Emergency Assistance Services on 0861 838 333 or email assist@europassistance.co.za for pre-authorisation and to case manage the admission. If the Emergency Assistance Services are not contacted before incurring the expenses, we will limit our liability to R5 000.