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Application Process

The following is an outline of our process and tips on how to best showcase your talent and experience.

Application Tips

After browsing our opportunities and ensuring you meet the requirements, experience and qualifications for the position, here are some tips to help you with the application process.

  • Be curious
  • Register and apply on the Career’s portal
  • Be resilient and agile
  • Follow us on social media

Interview Tips

Our interview process can take place onsite or virtually. In most cases, you will meet with as many as three people at one time. We try to bring a strong, diverse panel to meet our candidates in order to give you a thorough understanding of the role and Bestmed as a workplace. During the interview, we will talk about your experience and your future ambitions.

  • Dress for the job you want
  • Test your equipment and connection
  • Do your research on Bestmed, the job and who you will be meeting
  • Reflect and anticipate what we want to know about you
  • Engage and ask questions

This is your opportunity to showcase your past experience and demonstrate the skills you have to succeed at Bestmed.

About Us

Working at Bestmed rewards YOU. Are you the next YOU in “Personally Yours”?

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Bestmed for YOU

At Bestmed, our Heartbeats (employees) are the core of a healthy organisation that grows by keeping the quality of lives of our beneficiaries as the guiding light. 

Our Heartbeats keep our family values at the heart of every partnership, whether internal (YOU) or external. 

A well-deserved reputation of success

The 57-year-old Scheme is the largest self-administered medical scheme in South Africa.

How are we committed to our “Personally Yours” promise? Four of Bestmed’s options were selected as the best performers within the South African medical scheme market (2018 GTC Medical Aid Survey). Bestmed was also voted third on the Client Service Satisfaction benchmark by the Ask Afrika Orange Index® 2019.

In 2020, Bestmed performed best in the medical industry, with regard to Perceived Quality, Perceived Value, Overall Customer Service Index, and Customer Loyalty, and ranked second in Customer Expectations in the South African Customer Service Index (SA-csi). We are also humbled that Bestmed received the lowest number of complaints in the industry in 2020.

Considerate corporate social investment (CSI)Considerate corporate social investment (CSI)

Bestmed takes an active role in addressing social, cultural and environmental issues in the communities we serve. We follow a strict governance process in providing support to these communities to ensure that beneficiaries’ funds are appropriately allocated.

We are involved in many CSI initiatives such as Partners for Possibility (PfP), the flagship programme of Symphonia for South Africa (SSA). This unique programme partners business leaders with principals from under-resourced schools in a year-long, collaborative and very practical journey.

One of our recent initiatives, in addition to our involvement with PfP, included Bestmed’s Heartbeats generously contributing their valuable leave days to a COVID-19 relief fund to help those less privileged. Bestmed also donated much needed food and sanitising supplies, three-layer masks and high-quality cloth pads to underprivileged communities during lockdown, as well as a cash donation towards the Unisa Foundation to purchase laptops that will enable students to access digital study material and write exams remotely, ensuring their safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brand Values in action

At Bestmed, we live our four core brand values daily – to be mutual, seamless, principled and passionate. These values are visible in the way we place people above our net healthcare result, providing a seamless service to our beneficiaries.At Bestmed, we live our four core brand values daily – to be mutual, seamless, principled and passionate. These values are visible in the way we place people above our net healthcare result, providing a seamless service to our beneficiaries.

We treat everyone with warmth, care, openness and loyalty. We are passionate about what we do.

Generous compensation, benefits, and incentives

We are pleased that our Heartbeats have industry competitive salaries, benefits, incentives and non-cash compensation.

Our benefits include a higher-than-normal quota of annual leave days, a wide range of pension options, long-service leave and medical aid benefits. When the Scheme and its Heartbeats perform exceptionally well, we also have two discretionary performance bonuses per year.

Our incentive programme, Pacesetter, creates energy, fun and encourages the right behaviour.

We also show that we care via our outstanding employee wellbeing programme that includes access to gym facilities, sponsored access to counselling services, care packages, subsidised healthy meals, Pilates classes and a lunchtime walking club.

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Growth and Development For You icon

Growth and development for YOU

Bestmed is committed to the development of our Heartbeats and will actively support YOU to reach your full potential.

Extensive developmental support

Bestmed encourages life-long learning and development. We offer benefits for further studies, such as bursaries and interest-free loans to facilitate formal learning. We also invest in on-the-job training, seminars, courses and formal training programmes. Online learning is also offered to assist Heartbeats to expand their knowledge and expertise.

Bestmed also offers financial assistance to Heartbeats who need to be professionally certified and/or maintain their certification.

Learnerships and internships

Bestmed believes that by building their skills pools, the more competitive South Africa will be globally. We, therefore, implement successful learnerships and internships that often result in creating employment for the participants.

Leadership training and succession development

Bestmed identifies and develops talent to optimise effective leadership at all levels to meet the demands of the modern workplace. Our Leadership Development Programme is future focused. We expand our succession planning programme throughout the Scheme and institute target-driven skills development for all identified talent. We also encourage and develop strategic thinking across all levels of the Scheme.

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Innovation for YOU and by YOU

Innovation fuels our future, driving us to exceed our beneficiaries’ expectations continuously. At Bestmed, YOU have the opportunity to introduce new perspectives and methods to create a better experience for all.

Technological innovation

Bestmed is always looking for ways in which we can use technology to make life easier for all our stakeholders. A new age administration platform (BIT – Beat Inspired Technology) mobile app for our beneficiaries, an award-winning Talent system (Beatzone) and digital self-help channels are only a few examples of technological innovations that Bestmed has made available.

Opportunities to innovate

We know that our Heartbeats are our best source of new and workable ideas. We, therefore, encourage a constant flow of new ideas on Beatzone.

We also know that it helps to work with others. We give our Heartbeats the space to help others and work in other departments to get a sense of what others need to work better. Employees regularly share their ideas in an effort to help the Scheme shape the industry.

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A Team Culture For You icon

A team culture for YOU

At Bestmed, everyone plays for the team. We support each other as the Bestmed family. Our culture of inclusiveness, diversity, accountability, transparency, friendliness and honesty unites and cheers us on every day.

Real teamwork and collaboration

Employee morale at Bestmed exceeds the South African benchmark, according to the findings of a study conducted by Afriforte and the North West University (NWU) WorkWell Research Unit in 2020. All Heartbeats can voice their opinions without fear. When obstacles arise, we overcome them with authenticity.

We run regular cross-departmental team-building events to encourage, improve and cement collaboration at Bestmed.

A positive work environment

Afriforte and the NWU WorkWell Research Unit found in their 2020 study that “the Bestmed work environment is optimised and highly supportive for people optimisation and high performance.” This excellent result reflects good internal corporate governance and due diligence. Our leaders keep us informed and regularly acknowledge Heartbeats’ contribution to Bestmed’s success.

In addition to good leadership, every Heartbeat displays the five core behaviours that are recognised and rewarded at Bestmed:

  • Leading the way
  • Going the extra mile
  • Doing the right thing
  • Playing for the team
  • Being upbeat
A people-centric, inclusive culture

Whether it is our beneficiaries or our Heartbeats, we put people first. As an inclusive workplace, we value diversity in all its forms and create an environment where, no matter what your background, you should feel empowered to bring your full, authentic self to work.

We respect the diverse and unique voices of our Heartbeats and celebrate them in a myriad of ways. For example, we host fun days, year-end functions and recognition ceremonies, but we also remember birthdays, celebrate important moments with our Heartbeats and provide care during difficult times. 

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Flexibility for YOU

Bestmed provides YOU with the flexibility to create your own work-life balance.

Flexibility drives our benefits and way of work, from workplace to work schedules.

Flexible work hours

Flexible scheduling options are available for many positions at Bestmed. All Heartbeats also receive two paid hours off every month, with the flexibility to collect those hours and transform them into a day off without impacting on your already above-norm leave days available. We also have shorter workdays (7.5 work hours).

Flexible workplace

Certain roles have the option to work from home. Bestmed’s offices are also well-located for those working from the office, cutting down on travel time and increasing work-life balance.

Flexible benefits and administration

Bestmed makes it easy for Heartbeats to complete their benefits administration, leave applications, travel claims and more via our cutting-edge Talent system, Beatzone.

We offer a wide choice of pension and medical aid options and the option to structure your TGP to include a 13th cheque. Our package simulator makes it easier for our Heartbeats to choose the best options for them.

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Bestmed Organogram

Overview of Bestmed teams

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How do I apply for a position at Bestmed?

If you are interested in exploring a career with us, you can search for suitable opportunities on our careers page. Applications can be submitted on our careers portal by clicking on this link: https://www.scubedonline.co.za/Recruitment_bestmed/

How do I search for available positions?

Visit the Careers page, and then search for opportunities by following the Career opportunities > Job search links on the menu.

What does the recruitment process entail?

Our recruitment process typically follows these steps: Complete the online application form and forward it, together with your CV, on the careers portal. Your application will be reviewed. If your application matches the position criteria, you will be invited for a competency assessment and/or interview. We do not send formal regret letters to unsuccessful applicants. Our interviews are competency-based, tailored to each opportunity.

The selection process includes pre-employment risk assessments and potential psychometric assessments. Should your application be successful, we will send you a formal letter of appointment. Upon acceptance of our offer, we will contact you with information to facilitate your on-boarding process.