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24h Emergency: 082 911 | General Contact: 0860 002 378


Company Profile

Bestmed is South Africa’s largest self-administered medical scheme.

The promise to deliver healthcare that is ‘Personally Yours’ has never been so important than during a time when we are facing a national and global health pandemic. We are proud to have stayed true to our brand essence of being “by members, for members” during these challenging and uncertain times.

We remain committed to ensuring that we are large enough to create value for our beneficiaries, that we are personal enough to provide care for each one of them, and that we are humble enough to listen and respond with agility to realign our service to our mutual vision of helping you live your best life today, tomorrow and beyond.

A world of award-winning healthcare cover

Bestmed has been recognised for its outstanding contribution to the medical aid and healthcare industry, including the following:

  • Bestmed received the highest rating for perceived quality, perceived value, customer service and customer loyalty in the Medical Scheme Industry Category in the South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SA-csi) 2021 and 2022. We also received the highest rating for customer expectations, and have the lowest rating in the industry for beneficiary complaints
  • Bestmed was ranked number one in the Medical Aid Industry performance category of the 2022 Ask Afrika Orange Index®
  • Bestmed was also awarded the Excellence in Creating Access to Quality Healthcare (Organisations) award at the 2022 annual Titanium Awards presented by the Board for Healthcare Fundraisers (BHF)

14 Benefit options to choose from

We recognise that people’s healthcare needs are different, depending on their age, marital status, family size, general health, priorities and budget. Bestmed offers three main medical plan ranges, each with its own unique benefit options to choose from.

Whether you essentially just want to cover hospital costs or require a more comprehensive offering, we have an option for you. Our three plan ranges include: Beat, Pace and Rhythm.

The Beat range offers flexible hospital benefits with savings on some options to pay for out-of-hospital expenses. Beat1, 2 and 3 also offer you the option to lower your monthly contribution by selecting a Network option.

The Pace range offers more comprehensive in-hospital and out-of-hospital benefits. These options all have additional savings accounts to cover extensive out-of-hospital expenses.

The Rhythm range consists of our Network only options that offer in-hospital and and GP benefits.

The Bestmed App offers the following:

  • Your digital membership card
  • Check your available benefits
  • Submit a claim
  • Find a healthcare provider
  • Check your Health Assessment results
  • Request your tax and membership certificates