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Maternity Benefits

Expecting a new addition to your family is a  cause for great celebration and a renewed perspective on providing for your family’s well-being. At Bestmed we understand this, which is why we offer you peace of mind by providing new moms and dads quality care and benefits, leaving you to just enjoy the new adventure that parenthood brings.

How we can help

Bestmed offers maternity benefits on all 12 options. Based on the specific option that you choose, our maternity benefits can include

  • Consultations with your gynaecologist, GP, or midwife
  • 2D ultrasound scan at 1st trimester with your gynaecologist, GP, midwife, or radiologist
  • 2D ultrasound scan at 2nd trimester with your gynaecologist, GP, midwife, or radiologist
  • Nine fills of antenatal iron and folic acid supplements
  • Access to postnatal care, including a postnatal consultation within six weeks after birth

Our extensive benefits are supported by our Maternity Care Programme. Expecting moms can register on the programme in their first trimester. The programme provides you with access to:

  • A 24-hour professional medical advice line
  • Weekly emails that give you convenient information about your pregnancy, baby’s development, how to deal with unpleasant pregnancy symptoms, and other useful tips
  • An update for dads on the key milestones of the pregnancy
  • Discount vouchers for various baby items

The programme also allows us to identify potential high-risk pregnancies relatively early. In these cases, we assign our highly skilled case managers to help you every step of the way as your pregnancy progresses and with your individualised treatment plan.

Already Pregnant?

Although we are not able to offer these maternity benefits to new Bestmed members who are already expecting, we are able to cover baby by providing quality healthcare from the day that they are born. We offer you care from the very first day and partner with you in your child’s growth and development journey. We offer preventative care benefits to the whole family which include free immunisations, baby growth and development assessments and a consultation with an occupational therapist. For more on these and additional benefits, please check our Tempo Wellness Programme.

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