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Oct 19, 2020

The Clicks ClubCard benefit works as follows:

All Bestmed main members who have a Clicks Loyalty Card or Clicks ClubCard will receive double points on all products (excluding medicine) purchased from any Clicks retail stores or online store.

Please take note of the following:

  • Members will be entitled to two Clicks ClubCard points for every R5 of the retail selling price charged by Clicks for the products.
  • Members do not need to apply for a new Clicks ClubCard or for the double point benefit. The benefit is automatically added to their existing ClubCard once Bestmed informs Clicks of a new or existing member and the member has registered for ClubCard.
  • Members only need to continue to use their current Clicks ClubCards and double points will accumulate automatically.
  • Only the main member, who’s details are provided by Bestmed to Clicks, has access to the benefit.

If members need to verify this or need any assistance with regards to this benefit, they can verify the details on the Clicks App or give Clicks a call at: 0860 254 257.  They can also e-mail  clubcard@clicks.co.za with the ClubCard details to enquire.

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