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24h Emergency: 084 124 | General Contact: 0860 002 378

When you require assistance, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Call 084 124 or +27 (0)10 205 3000. The despatcher will require:

  • Your name
  • The nature of the emergency
  • The address of the emergency. Please ensure that the address is clearly stated including the province, suburb, street name and number, building/complex name, and number. If possible, please provide the nearest landmark
  • Please inform security, if required, as to where the emergency 
  • Your contact number where you can be reached

Step 2:

  • You will receive an SMS verifying the address of the emergency
  • The SMS will also provide a reference number for any future communication
  • Please check the SMS to confirm that the address has been correctly captured

Step 3:

  • ER24 will dispatch a vehicle to the scene of the emergency
  • It may be an ER24 vehicle, or a healthcare provider contracted to ER24 if there is no ER24 vehicle immediately available in the nearby vicinity

Step 4:

  • Please inform the ambulance crew of a nearby Bestmed designated service provider (DSP) if possible. Depending on the nature of your emergency, the ambulance may be obliged to take you to the nearest medical facility


What happens if I don’t use ER24 in an emergency?

If you or a family member make voluntary use of a service other than ER24 for transportation, you will be liable for the cost of the service.


What does this benefit cover?

  • Medical transportation in the event of an emergency by road or air ambulance, whichever is considered medically necessary by ER24, to the nearest appropriate medical facility
  • An upgrade in care from a medical facility, which does not have the appropriate care available to manage the patient’s medical condition, to a facility that is capable of managing the condition, using the most appropriate ambulance transportation (road or air) as determined by ER24
  • One-way transportation per hospital admission from one medical facility to another for the purpose of a diagnostic test, for example a CT scan
  • Transportation from a registered medical facility to an oncology treatment centre up to a maximum of 3 times per admission
  • Transfer from a registered medical facility to a registered rehabilitation / step down facility, where there is authorisation in place from Bestmed


What does this benefit not cover?

  • Any ambulance transportation for conditions that are not a result of a medical emergency, where the service is used purely as a means of transportation. This includes transportation when a member is pregnant and is in normal-term labour with no complications during the pregnancy
  • Any transportation to a home address or an old age home with no authorisation from Bestmed
  • Any transportation to a doctor’s room for an appointment or for the purpose of an X-ray where no medical emergency exists, or for any procedure that could be done in the current medical facility
  • Any transportation from a home address or step down for any booked procedures or doctor’s visit, including dialysis or oncology treatment
  • Any transportation for any other reason other than that the referring medical facility is unable to manage the patient