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Mar 30, 2020

Upon confirmation of the first case of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in South Africa, Bestmed immediately communicated to all stakeholders of the necessary information relating to cover and support. It is important that members, service providers and brokers fully understand the extent of our support so that we can effectively and efficiently assist our members in their time of need.

To reiterate, should a member and/or their dependant/s be positively diagnosed with Novel Coronavirus, they will be fully covered for diagnostic testing, consultations and treatment both in- and out-of-hospital regardless of their Scheme option. As a Scheme, we realised the importance of having a healthy solvency, above the statutory requirement of 25%.  Bestmed has sufficient financial reserves to support members during this potential crisis.

You can reassure members and your clients that Bestmed will continue to monitor the situation and will constantly review and align our internal processes and procedures to ensure that members are supported and receive the care they need. Even with restricted movement and self-quarantine measures, we are available on the Member and Broker mobile Apps and portals.

We also remind you that Bestmed members on all options have access to flu vaccines as part of their preventative care benefits.  These vaccines will soon be available, and we urge members to have these.

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