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Mar 10, 2024
Update on Bestmed’s position on the NHI Bill as adopted by government

In light of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s recent State of the Nation Address (SONA 2024), Bestmed would like to provide members with an update, regarding its position on the adoption of the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill. 

Feb 13, 2022
Meet Shantae Steenkamp

I was first introduced to the Scheme in the year 2011 at a Bestmed sponsored race held in my community. Thereafter, I got more exposure to the amazing scheme during my student days at UP. Bestmed is a reputable organisation with a great reputation, amazing products and excellent service delivery, and is generally known for taking good care of all employees by promoting both corporate and academic growth.

Shantae Steenkamp Corporate
Feb 13, 2022
The gift of a healthy lifestyle

When you think of a healthy lifestyle, we can almost guarantee what comes to mind isn’t fun or happy thoughts. Essentially, a healthy lifestyle is linked by a golden thread of effort, compromise, and discipline. The commitment that comes with living a healthy lifestyle tends to deter many, but the real barrier standing between most people and the gift of a healthy lifestyle is instant gratification. People give up too soon because they want to see immediate results.

Family chasing one another Corporate
Feb 13, 2022
How Bestmed stays ahead of the curve

For over 22 months, Schemes in South Africa have had to manage the impact of COVID-19 on overall claims and project future claims patterns considering the infection rates, severity levels, treatment costs, duration, and levels of Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs) that apply. It is reassuring to see, then, that Bestmed has stayed resilient and shown growth despite the tough times.

Drawing graph with finger Corporate
Feb 13, 2022
Save on medical costs without compromising your future health

Financial pressures are affecting everyone and taking steps to cut down on monthly expenditure is a great way to free up more of your money for the things that matter. “One of the biggest mistakes consumers can make, however, is to cancel their medical aid altogether in the process of tightening their pockets.

Feb 08, 2022
Nedbank Group Product Specific Explanation Sessions 2022

You will note that this is a repeat invitation to the webinars arranged for the Nedbank group. We were informed that Nedbank prefers events to be conducted on MS Teams. We have, therefore, had to reschedule the information sessions to be presented on the required platform. Also, we noted that there was no session scheduled for Beat3 members, so we have added it to the schedule. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

African family entertaining their baby General
Oct 11, 2021
Again, Bestmed keeps increases low

Providing access to affordable and quality healthcare remains a top priority for Bestmed. On Friday, 17 September 2021, we officially announced our 2022 product offerings, enhancements, and contribution increases. This includes the strategic decision to use some of the Scheme’s reserves to ensure all members receive a below CPI contribution increase of 3.9% for 2022. 

People celebrating Corporate
Oct 11, 2021
And AGAIN, at the forefront of customer satisfaction

“Bestmed performed exceptionally well, emerging as the leader in the overall Customer Satisfaction Index well above industry par. Bestmed also takes the lead in the value index by a significant margin on the industry par and is well ahead of all other schemes,” states Ineke Prinsloo, Head of Customer Insights at Consulta.

At the Forefront of Customer Satisfaction Corporate
Oct 11, 2021
Bestmed Supports Rising Sports Stars

We are a long standing and proud sponsor of the University of Pretoria’s (UP’s) TuksSport. The Scheme’s commitment to sports development allows UP to award more sports bursaries, and provide sports science and medical services to all athletes, enabling them to achieve their dreams.

Sports star with flowers Corporate
Oct 11, 2021
World Trauma Day

World Trauma Day, observed on 17 October, emphasizes the importance of saving and protecting a life during the most critical moments. The day also highlights the importance of preparing and applying critical measures to deal with, and to avoid trauma fatalities.

World Trauma Day Corporate
Oct 11, 2021
Eye Care Awareness Month

Many people often fear losing vision; yet take minimal intentional steps in caring for their eyes. Eye Care Awareness Month is commemorated from 21 September to 18 October to raise awareness about the importance of eye health, specifically around the prevention and treatment of avoidable blindness.

Eye Care Awareness Month Corporate
Jun 17, 2021
Corporate Wellness Week

The first week of July is Corporate Wellness Week - an opportunity to raise awareness of the need to create a healthy work environment. It is a week that puts the spotlight on wellness in the workplace and identifies the pitfalls and productivity impact of an ‘all work and no play’ attitude in the office.

Tying shoes Corporate
Jun 15, 2021
Demystifying COVID-19 Vaccines

It has taken South Africa more than three months to reach the 1 million mark but the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines is now picking up pace. Earlier this month, it was reported that out of the 40 million people targeted for the country to reach herd immunity, 1.2% had been fully vaccinated by 1 June. 

Covid-19 vaccine Corporate
Jun 14, 2021
Protection of Personal Information

At Bestmed Medical Scheme, we place a high premium on the privacy of our members, and we acknowledge the importance of ensuring that all personal information is handled with care.

Protection of Personal Information Corporate