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Dec 13, 2020

World AIDS Day was first observed in 1988. Since then, organisations and individuals have come together every year to bring attention to the epidemic, to destigmatise the disease and to increase HIV awareness and knowledge.

Over the past year, the whole world has been focused on the COVID-19 pandemic and the various by-products and effects that it has had on people, industries, and economies. As we have seen as time has progressed is that, like all epidemics, it has widened the inequalities that already existed. As such, it threatens the progress that the world has made in health and development over the past 20 years, including the gains made against HIV.

This years’ World AIDS Day theme is Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Resilience and Impact. We regard this as a call to action for united action against the epidemic, one that infers that although the fight against this disease may be long and hard, with a united effort, we can all make an impact for generations to come.

Our HIV/AIDS disease management programme has been specifically designed to treat HIV/AIDS as a chronic disease by using effective anti-retroviral therapy to control viral replication. The treatment can have dramatic life-changing results, but it is essential that the treatment is taken in a controlled manner. We do this through close monitoring and working alongside the treating physician to ensure the best possible outcome.

Treatment is based on funding guidelines depending on the stage of your disease and the results of a member’s blood tests. Cover is also provided for mother-to-child transmission in pregnancy and post-exposure to preventative treatment.

For more information on our HIV/AIDS disease management programme, in partnership with our contracted provider, LifeSense, please click here or contact our Managed Healthcare Department by calling +27 (0)12 472 6235/6249 or by email: mhc@bestmed.co.za.

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