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Jul 30, 2020

If members think back to their early twenties, they will surely remember the world much differently than the one that their children of the same age live in today. To ensure that these overaged child dependants with the same ‘Personally Yours’ service and care as we do for their parents or caretakers, we must tailor our offerings to their needs.

Indeed, times have changed. A Pew Research Centre analysis of recently released Census data suggests that most millennials (adults ages 18 to 32 years) are still not setting out on their own. It has become apparent that millennials are studying longer and are waiting longer to move out of home and start families.

Bestmed lets principal members pay child dependant rates until the age of 26 years, provided that the beneficiary is enrolled at a recognised educational institution.

Once over the age of 26, the principal member can opt to keep the beneficiary on their own cover and pay adult dependant rates. Alternatively, the beneficiary can join Bestmed as a principal member and take advantage of any of our 13 plans, specifically those tailored for our younger and healthier members.

Please encourage your members to update the contact details for their child dependant(s) over 18 years of age by calling our contact centre on 086 000 2378 or emailing us at membership@bestmed.co.za. This will enable us to engage in meaningful conversations with these dependants about their future healthcare cover needs.

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