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Jun 19, 2021

Meet Charmaine Mali

  • Main advisor serviced: Liberty and ASI
  • Geographical areas: Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Bloemfontein
  • Job title: Business Consultant
  1. How long have you been at Bestmed?

In October 2021, I will have been with Bestmed for 14 years.

  1. What encouraged you to join Bestmed?

I was working for Telemed from 2007. In 2010 Telemed merged with Bestmed. It was the best move Telemed took!

  1. What is the best thing about your job?

It is the versatility of being able to do a variety of tasks. I work with different personalities and cultures, while building relationships with advisors; with some becoming long-term friendships. I enjoy engaging with different advisors, sharing personal stories and experiences. The ability to influence the growth of Bestmed sales is also a highlight for me.

  1. Give us a short bio about your job?

I have been in the Medical industry all my working life. I have experience in both open and closed schemes. I previously worked for Medihelp, Momentum (Health and Life), MX Health, Polmed, Medcor, Profmed and Telemed. I have worked as a Client Service Consultant, Real-time Processor, Claims Consultant and a Key Account Consultant, Client Liaison Consultant and now as a Business Consultant. I worked at the Bestmed KwaZulu-Natal branch for four years, the Gqeberha branch for four years, and I’m currently based in the Pretoria head office.

  1. Do you have any special or hidden skills?

I bake cookies and cakes at family events/gatherings.

  1. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I do my house spring cleaning at night. I always look out for specials especially on groceries and buy in bulk. I donate most of my bulk buys to charity organisations. I do a lot of charity work. I always negotiate for discounts and special upgrades at hotels and car rentals etc.

  1. What are your hobbies?

I enjoy baking and giving back through doing community service.

  1. What is something — a food or activity — that you tried reluctantly, and it turns out you like it?

Washing my car even though is not every week, I am not a fan of going to car washes.

  1. What is part of your daily routine that you look forward to every day?

My morning calls to my mother and hearing her say, ‘I love you my baby.’

  1. What is your favourite motto?

Love is necessary for a healthy life. We think to live a healthy life, just like food and water. I practice daily by loving everyone around me. My spirituality and faith have taught me to embrace the things I can’t change and turn them into opportunities. Meditation and prayer have given me the wisdom and awareness I need.

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