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Feb 13, 2022

When you think of a healthy lifestyle, we can almost guarantee what comes to mind isn’t fun or happy thoughts. Essentially, a healthy lifestyle is linked by a golden thread of effort, compromise, and discipline.

The commitment that comes with living a healthy lifestyle tends to deter many, but the real barrier standing between most people and the gift of a healthy lifestyle is instant gratification. People give up too soon because they want to see immediate results.

This golden thread is the ribbon wrapped around the gift of a healthy lifestyle. Those who persist and continue to unwrap this gift will tell you that a healthy lifestyle is a bounce in your step, a better mood, the best quality of sleep and a feeling of reduced stress levels.

From the outside there isn’t much to see at first, this also depends on which part of the healthy lifestyle you choose to focus on most. Health can be broken down into various components, although these components have different functions, they all fall under the same umbrella term of health and wellbeing.

Below are six components of health and wellbeing:

This component speaks to keeping your body healthy through regular exercise and including nutritious foods in your diet mainly. This component also includes leaving bad habits that are harmful to your body (like the use of drugs, unsafe sex, and excessive drinking) and getting enough sleep and rest.

This component refers mainly to self-acceptance. Accepting, adjusting, and correcting your thoughts, feelings, and comfort levels pertaining to your self-image and self-talk.

This component looks at finding meaning or purpose in your journey on earth. This component focuses on your existence outside your physical being. Religious affiliations are one example of taking care of the spiritual component.

This component focuses mainly on how you interact with the world you live in and the world around you. Learning, problem-solving, creativity, and processing. It also includes how you connect with others.

This component focuses mainly on your living and working environment. The nature of these environments affects your personal fulfillment, and productivity. Decluttering and keeping a clean environment goes a long way to helping you to keep a healthy mood.

This component focuses on community, how you function inside the community, and how to find comfort in being yourself inside of the community. It is essential to be able to engage and be engageable in a healthy way in society.

Living a healthy lifestyle has number of benefits, the most obvious and popular benefits are increased physical health, an improvement in mental health and a boost in energy.

Bestmed Tempo wellness programme

At Bestmed we are here to support you to start living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. All Bestmed beneficiaries have access to personalised consultations with a Bestmed Tempo partner biokineticist as part of the Bestmed Tempo wellness programme. All you need to do is complete your free Health Assessment at Dis-Chem, Clicks, Van Heerden or Alpha Pharm.

We also have a range of wellness and healthy lifestyle talks, seminars, and webinars to support our members with their physical emotional, social, and intellectual needs.

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