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Nov 16, 2020

Preparing for the festive season? Here are four things you can focus on in November to make sure you are ready from the holidays.

  1. Plan out your holiday

It is imperative that you plan your festive season, to avoid last minute rush. If your employed November is the perfect time to record your leave for festive season. November is the month where you confirm all your holiday destinations and pay final instalments if need be. Scheduling out your festive season will help you keep track of your time and enables you to maximise your holidays. Having a clear set plan of your December helps you enjoy your festive season without stress and hassles.

  1. Budget

Budgeting is the most important thing one needs to do for the festive season,  because the festive season often leads to unhealthy spending habits because of all the celebratory spirits in the air. Drawing up a budget will help you keep track of your spending during December. In South Africa, there are many special running in November  and black Friday also takes place during this month, which makes it an ideal month to buy Christmas gifts and stock up on basics.

  1. Keep track of your weight

The festive season is usually a season where people forget about their health and weight, making them vulnerable to developing unhealthy habits and gaining weight during this time. It’s important to keep track of your weight, the best way is to weigh yourself end of November and try keep that weight throughout the festive season by regularly weighing yourself. Formulate a new dieting plan, eat healthier and exercise by drawing up a workout schedule.

  1. Make personal time and self-care a priority.

It is important to rest and take care of yourself during the holidays. We often get so carried away with the festivities that we neglect ourselves. Try make a habit of sleeping enough, spending time alone, getting your hair done, going to the spa etc. Holidays are not only about spending time with loved ones but also about taking a break. Read a new book and try new hobbies, listen to your body and prioritise your body.

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