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Feb 27, 2022

The little one, who doesn’t prefer being referred to as that anymore, is leaving the nest to go and stay at a tertiary res. While you worry about paying for the tuition and accommodation, you don’t have to worry about paying extra for medical aid.

Here are a few Bestmed benefits that students can use while living on campus:

Full medical aid cover until 26 (based on your plan)

Dependants are covered until the age of 24 years (previously 21 years) and registered students up to 26 years. This means that for the duration of your dependants’ academic stay (up to age 26), you will be paying child dependant rates.

Bestmed will only require proof of registration for studies for your child dependant(s) from the age of 24.

COVID-19 vaccines

Most institutions of higher learning have made it mandatory for all students to take the COVID-19 vaccines. You may be glad to learn that the COVID-19 vaccine has been classified as a PMB. This means that the COVID-19 booster vaccine, and the related administration cost, will also be regarded as PMB level of care and will be fully funded by Bestmed Medical Scheme, regardless of your benefit option or available benefits.

24-hour access to the Bestmed App

The young academic will also have 24-hour access to the Bestmed App. While the app does not replace the plastic version of the membership card, it will allow them to access their digital membership card, view their benefits and savings, search for a network service provider and view their Bestmed Tempo wellness programme profile.

Complementary Bestmed Tempo wellness programme

Students will have access to the Bestmed Tempo wellness programme. Bestmed Tempo is the Scheme’s health and wellness programme that assists members in leading a healthier lifestyle and living their best life. As a member, you and your family already have access to the Bestmed Tempo benefits at no additional costs. The wellness programme is available to all members aged 16 and above, regardless of your selected benefit option.

The Bestmed Tempo benefits include:

  • 1x Health Assessment: Biometric screening at a network pharmacy clinic, on-site at your employer or qualified Bestmed Tempo biokineticists for beneficiaries 16 years and older.
  • 1x Fitness test at Bestmed Tempo biokineticist: Personalised fitness programme development with a Bestmed Tempo biokineticist, 2x follow-up virtual consultations at Bestmed Tempo biokineticist for beneficiaries 16 years and older.
  • 1x Nutritional Assessment at a Bestmed Tempo dietician: Personalised diet development with a Bestmed Tempo partner dietician, 2x follow-up virtual consultations at Bestmed Tempo dietician for beneficiaries 16 years and older.

 With all their health needs catered for, all that left is for young adults to conquer the world.

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