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May 17, 2020

At the beginning of 2020 Bestmed was excited to introduce our redesigned membership cards to our members. A new fresh and exciting look that better aligned to the Bestmed brand and identity and our personally yours brand promise. Unfortunately, 2020 had a completely different plan for us and the world. The occurrence of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) threw our plans out of left field. Although our plans are currently on hold until the lift of the national lockdown, not all hope is lost because of the miracle of technology. Enter the Bestmed App and Bestmed digital membership card.

The Bestmed App

Bestmed has developed a mobile application to allow members easier access to Scheme information, self-help services and your digital membership card. The Bestmed member app is free to download from the Apple App Store (iOS) as well as Google Play (Android). Members need only register on the app once by entering their membership number and creating a password, once logged in, members can access their digital membership card.

All the Same Benefits

Your digital membership card has all the same information as a physical membership card, including the list and details of the main member and all their dependents. Members can use their digital cards to redeem your benefits at all service providers the same way that your membership card can. Members can simply open up their Bestmed App and navigate to the digital card to display their membership card or take a screenshot of their card to share with their dependents and use whenever they need to share a digital copy to a service provider via email or other online platforms.

Easy, Safe, Convenient and Environmentally Friendly

Using your Bestmed digital membership card is easy, safe, convenient and environmentally friendly. It is one less card to add to your already over-populated wallet and it lives on your phone which you take with you everywhere anyway. Using your digital card reduces our footprint on the earth and reduces our exposure to bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19 which can occur when you hand your card to a pharmacists or any other healthcare provider who could have come into contact with the virus.

App-reciate the digital age

As the world shifts and changes into the digital era, we adapt and do the same. Get Personally Yours service at your fingertips with the Bestmed App, available for free download for iOS (Apple App Store) and Android (Google Play Store) smart devices. Your Bestmed App allows you to:

  • View your digital membership card
  • Download your tax certificate
  • Get Scheme communication
  • Information on the balance of all your benefits
  • Update your personal details
  • Submit claims
  • Apply for cash refunds from your savings
  • Find a service provider near your current location, work or home

The advent of COVID-19 has catapulted us into the inevitable future. The time has come to move to leave the past behind us and move into the digital age. Download the Bestmed App now!

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