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Nov 24, 2021

You know what they say, “November is the last month of the year because in South Africa, December is not a month it’s a lifestyle!”

Now let’s talk about maintaining a healthy lifestyle while you have fun this December.

Dance more and have fun

Dancing is a form of exercise that engages the entire body and mind. Learning and remembering choreography keeps your brain active while constant movement addresses your heart, circulation, balance, muscles and joints.

Plus, you can dance anywhere and anytime even if you have a little space. Not only is it fun, but if you can string a few moves together you certainly will be the life of the party this Christmas.

Limit sugary drinks as mixers

To those who will be enjoying the occasional alcoholic beverage, the first trick is not to overdo it. We all know the effects of binge drinking and we know to avoid it.

Secondly, choose a few healthier alternatives when deciding on mixers for your drinks. Use only fresh-squeezed or 100 percent fruit juice to reduce added sugars and choose seltzer water over other carbonated waters to eliminate added sodium and other additives.

Snack wisely

The festive season would be nothing without delicious indulgence but be sure to also incorporate plenty of vitamins and nutrients into your festive meals.

A simple trick such as not going to a party hungry, will go a long way in ensuring that you control what you eat, as opposed to eating what is available.

Recipe books that have been gathering dust the whole year usually come out during the festive season. You get the best of granny’s food when you visit and who can say no to that?

Go ahead and have some treats over Christmas but don’t over-indulge.

Make time for exercise

Gyms will inevitably be emptier during the festive season than they usually are during the year, which is in itself a perk of continuing to exercise during this time of the year. It is important that you fit in some time for exercise, even if it is just a 20-minute workout.

Try combining your workouts with socialising by doing it with a friend and committing to working out together over the holiday. Exercising with a friend is great way to ensure you see your fitness goals through and you can use the time to plan your matching outfits for that party you are going to that night... Should be fun!


Keeping hydrated is crucial for your health and well-being but during the festive frenzy we tend to forget this. Drinking water helps with your metabolism, it is essential for the kidneys and other bodily functions.

Drinking water also help with weight loss, it regulates body temperature, flushes body waste and it boosts performance during exercise.

It is common knowledge that during the festive season some of us are inclined to neglect our diets as well as our exercise routines. But with these quick and easy tips, you are guaranteed to enjoy the festive season and have no regrets in the new year.







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