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Mar 08, 2023

The start of a new year is a time for introspection, celebration, and for many, goal setting. Many people set new year's resolutions. A promise to themselves to live the life they want.

Despite their best intentions, many people still fail to achieve their new year's resolutions. There are several reasons why. People tend to set lofty, unrealistic goals. Many also fail to develop a plan. So, when the plan might go off course, getting back on track seems impossible.

The end of the first few months of the year becomes a reality check on whether set goals are realistic or not. By the end of February, you’ll be able to tell which plans are realistic and which are not. Therefore, going into March, it is important to be realistic about the plans that you make for the rest of the year.


  • Identify the goal:

    Reflect on what it is that you want to achieve, with a clear understanding on why this must be achieved.

  • Be specific:

    Consciously lay out what you want to change. Have clarity on what you will need to get closer to attaining your goal. Set realistic timeframes on achieving your goal.

  • Make sure its achievable:

    This does not mean limit yourself or your abilities but when you take a step too fast, that is too big, you may end up feeling frustrated, and this can affect your mental wellbeing and other areas of your life. Try and look at your current situation, the time you have and break down how you can go about achieving your goals and work towards it in small manageable steps.

  • Be kind to yourself:

    When you slip up, do not give up. Understand that everyone has days when things don’t go their way. Where required, you can be flexible to adjust your plans, as certain objectives also rely on external factors.

  • Make it measurable:

When you want to achieve something, it is important to measure the progress you have made. For example, if you want to save money one must have a way of keeping track of how much you want to save, and how far you are from that target. This gives a form of accountability to the process which can help relieve the stress of feeling like you’re getting nowhere in your journey.

Reset your new year’s resolutions. Live life at your Tempo.

If you’re unsure about your next steps, but feel like you need to get going, start on your journey to the life you want with Bestmed’s Tempo wellness programme.

Tempo gives you the tools you need to live your best life. The Tempo Fitness, Nutrition, and Emotional Wellbeing Journeys are all designed with you in mind.

It’s the seamless support system that lets you live your life at your Tempo.

The Tempo wellness programme includes:

  • A Health Assessment (HA)*, which (when completed) unlocks all your other Bestmed Tempo wellness programme benefits. The HA is intended for beneficiaries 16 years and older and includes: the Bestmed Tempo lifestyle questionnaire; a blood pressure check, cholesterol check, glucose check, as well as a height, weight, and circumference check.
  • Emotional wellbeing support services and benefits.
  • Nutrition and Fitness programmes.

*The HA needs to be done at a contracted pharmacy or on-site at participating employer groups.

By activating Tempo, you automatically have access to over a thousand healthcare professionals. All are trained and motivated to help you improve your lifestyle and face some of the difficult challenges that might come your way.

Get started on your Tempo journey here.

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