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Oct 04, 2023

Behind every great success lies something seemingly mundane – daily routines. Daily routines and rituals allow you to harness the power to transform your life. Many successful people attribute their triumphs to the consistency these routines provide. These can put your brain into an ‘autopilot’ mode, allowing you to achieve more without having to exert considerable willpower to achieve run-of-the-mill tasks.

But, with the wrong approach, these daily routines can become mundane. How do you prevent this and still get your daily tasks done? Let’s take a look…


A new perspective

The first, and most important step is reframing how you view daily routines. Instead of repetition, view them as your own rituals. Your rituals aren’t things you make yourself do; they are things you do for yourself. Still, to help them from becoming mundane, there are ways to shake things up. Here’s how:

  • Update your goals: Set time aside every month, or quarter to review and adjust your goals to ensure that they are still aligned with your long-term objectives.
  • Variety is the spice of life: Your routines and rituals will provide structure. But, by changing things up, and incorporating new tasks, or taking part in a new activity, you’ll give yourself a break as well.
  • Celebrate your wins: While the actions may become automatic, you should still celebrate the outcomes and achievements, no matter how small.
  • Test and adjust: If your routine doesn’t work for you, make changes, and adjust. While it may sound like a contradiction, your routines aren’t set in stone. They are yours to change and fit into your life.


Cut the fluff

Your routines and rituals shouldn’t be filled with things that don’t contribute to your success. A vital part of the process to establish daily routines is the mindful selection of those routines. Choose things that add joy or help you achieve your goals. Everything that’s not essential should be cut out.


Health and wellness

One of the most significant advantages of routines and automating your life is the effect it can have on your overall health. If you have already exercised in the morning, you might be less tempted to go for an unhealthy snack that could undo all your hard work. And if you already have your breakfast and lunch sorted out (meal-prep is a great routine to incorporate into your life), you’ll be less tempted to have an unhealthy meal, as you’ll already have something healthy ready to go.


The elusive work-life balance

Achieving work-life balance can feel downright impossible. But this elusive equilibrium can become your reality by incorporating routines. Want to spend time outside, but always get home too late? Set an alarm for 30 minutes earlier and sit in your garden and enjoy you coffee and watch your dogs play on the grass. Want to read more? Make it part of your bedtime routine. Schedule your time and give yourself the life you want.


So, while they may seem like mundane activities, daily routines are the secret to creating the life you want. They provide structure, consistency, and help you effectively split your time. It’s the start of a healthier, happier you.


With the Tempo wellness programme, you have all the support you need to create your daily routines, and to make the most of them.


Start your Fitness Journey and log exercises, join classes, take part in challenges, or set your own, all at no cost to you. You also have access to one (1) face-to-face and a follow-up (face-to-face or virtual) consultation with Tempo partner biokineticists for fitness assessments and personalised exercise plans.


Alternatively, you can start your Nutrition Journey and set nutrition goals, log your food intake, get expert advice. The Journeys aren’t mutually exclusive, so you can complete both at the same time. You also have access to one (1) face-to-face and a follow-up (face-to-face or virtual) consultation with Tempo partner dietitians for nutritional assessments and personalised eating plans.


Get started today via the Fitness and Nutrition Journeys on the Bestmed App and the Member portal on the Bestmed website.



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