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Apr 01, 2020

The back and neck preventative programme’s goals are to assist members with chronic back and neck pain, and to improve the clinical state of the back and/or neck in order to prevent surgery. Documented Based Care (DBC) and Workability are Bestmed’s contracted service providers for the back and neck programme. The principles applied include analysis, correction and maintenance of the correct body posture as well as stabilisation of the spine.

All members are entitled to this benefit, provided they meet the entry criteria. In order to be considered for the programme, a member must visit a DBC Clinic or Workability clinic for an evaluation/first assessment to determine if the member has a suitable clinical profile and will benefit from the programme. If the member is considered to qualify for the programme, the doctor will provide a motivation. The member can then send the application to Bestmed for consideration and authorisation.

For more information on the programme contact us by:

Telephone number:
086 000 2378
Fax number:
012 472 6780
E–mail address:

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