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Aug 26, 2021

Our benefit enhancements and average contribution increase for 2022 will be launched to our advisor fraternity in September, and you can expect to receive an update on these enhancements and increases by November.

Once you receive the official Scheme correspondence with the enhancements for your chosen option you will be able to assess whether it is still suited to your healthcare needs for the year ahead. Option change forms are due to reach Bestmed before 31 December 2021, or you will automatically remain on your current option.

When considering whether your current cover is sufficient, it may be helpful to consider the following:

  • Do you have to undergo an extensive medical procedure within the next year?
  • Do you have a new member in the family?
  • Are you covering an elderly family member as an adult dependant?
  • Did you run out of savings or day-to-day benefits before the end of the year?
  • Have you experienced a life changing event?

Use your benefits

Time is running out to maximise your 2021 benefits. Within the next three months, consider which of your preventative care benefits and/or Bestmed Tempo wellness programme benefits you haven’t utilised yet this year and book those appointments.

Here’s a reminder of the preventative care benefits per product range for 2021:







Flu vaccines

1 per beneficiary per year

Applicable to all active members and beneficiaries

Pneumonia vaccines

Children: As per schedule of Department of Health Adults: Twice in a lifetime with booster above 65 years of age

The Scheme will identify high-risk individuals for immunisation

Travel vaccines

Quantity and frequency dependent on

Mandatory travel vaccines for typhoid, yellow fever, tetanus, meningitis, hepatitis and cholera from Scheme risk benefits

*Available on Beat2, Beat3 and Beat4

Paediatric immunisation

According to the Bestmed vaccine schedule


*Available on Beat2, Beat3 and Beat4

Female contraceptives

Quantity and frequency dependent on product and subject to maximum amount
Mirena - 1 device every 60 months

Limited to R2 315 per beneficiary per year

Back and neck preventative programme

Subject to pre-authorisation

Preferred providers (DBC/ Workability Clinics)


Females 40 years and older. Once every 24 months

Scheme tariff applies

*Available on Beat2, Beat3 and Beat4

(tariff code 34100)

HPV vaccinations

3 vaccinations per beneficiary. Females 9 - 26 years

Vaccinations funded at MRP

PSA screening

Males 50 years and older. Once every 24 months

Can be done at a urologist or GP. Consultation paid from the available savings/consultation benefit

*Available on Beat2, Beat3 and Beat4


Bone densitometry

Beneficiaries 45 years and older. Once every 24 months



*Available on Pace2, Pace3 and Pace4


Pap smear

18 years and older. Once every 24 months

At any gynaecologist or GP. Consultation is paid from available savings or consultation benefit


Preventative dentistry

Dependent on the type of procedure required

Subject to pre-authorisation, clinical protocols and funding guidelines

*Available on Beat2, Beat3 and Beat4


For an overview of your Bestmed Tempo wellness benefits, click here.

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