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Feb 15, 2023

Are you ready for the Bestmed TuksRace? If you’re participating, please find some very important information below.

Race start times:

  • 21.1km: 06:00
  • 10km: 06:30
  • 5km: 06:40
  • 1km: 08:00


General information:

  • Tuks athletes are requested to assist on race day.
  • Entries will be taken from 04:00 to 05:50 on race day for 21.1, 10, 5 and 1km.
  • Watering points located approximately every 3km with Coke, water and entertainment.
  • Cut-off time is 3 hours for 21.1, 10 and 1km races.
  • Only the 10km race is wheelchair friendly.
  • Refreshments will be available on sale. No gas braaiing permitted.
  • No unauthorised selling of goods will be allowed on the university grounds. Arrangements can be made with Prof GM Spies 082 821 6952.
  • Race results will be available on the internet at results.finishtime.co.za.
  • Tog bag facilities: Club tents will be erected on the afternoon of Friday 17 February 2023 at designated areas.
  • Walkers must wear their “W” tags to be eligible for the prize.
  • Distance markers at every 1km.



  • The race will take place under the rules of ASA, AGN.
  • All participants must wear two valid 2022 license numbers or temporary numbers (front and back) during the race.
  • Race numbers should not cover the valid ASA licence logos.
  • All athletes participate at their own risk and by their entry, they indemnify the organisers, province and sponsors of any liability or claims.
  • Marshals and traffic officials must be obeyed at all times.
  • No seconding will be permitted.
  • Proof of age may be requested from category winners.
  • Minimum age on race day is 14 years for the 10km, 16 years for the 21.1km.
  • Junior category winners must provide proof of age to qualify for prizes (ID or other valid documentation).
  • Ambulance services and medical personnel will be on standby during the race.
  • Age category identification tags to be worn on the front and back of the running / walking vest to be eligible for prizes.
  • No iPods or listening devices allowed.


Additional notes:

NB: Please bring your own safety pins.


Kiddies area

There will be no kiddies' area this year. Parents are encouraged to make arrangements for their children in advance.


Ice lollies

Ice lollies have been discontinued. There will be water points to ensure that athletes are hydrated.



There will be no T-shirts this year.


Bestmed VIP tent

There will be no designated VIP area for Bestmed members this year.

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