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Jun 10, 2020

During COVID-19 lockdown, Bestmed’s sponsored entities have taken the initiative to help those in need, as well as encourage continued healthy lifestyles within their own teams. Sponsorships involved include Bestmed Road Rangers, Tshwane Classic, The Bicycle Company and Team Bestmed.

On 4 May 2020, Bestmed Road Rangers assisted charity motorcycle club Assault Ryderz from Alexandra, the 100% Foundation and the Crazy Cupcake Children’s Foundation to pack and deliver 500 food parcels to the homes of disable people in Alexandra, who requested assistance.

Forty motorcyclists formed part of five delivery groups in the early hours of the morning to pack and deliver the food parcels in their designated areas within Alexandra. Delivery groups consisted of two vehicles with food parcels, eight motorcycles and one metro police vehicle with two metro police officers. Road captains and marshals from MMMISA, ZA Bikers, Network Riders RC, M109 BOG were also present in each group.

The delivery task was time-consuming – a true labour of love – as it entailed finding the exact home, confirming the correct recipient’s identity and taking a confirmation photograph on delivery. Parcels were received with much gratitude. Chairman of Bestmed Road Rangers, Craig Bezuidenhout, states, “It was a day of bike riding, meeting of biker brother and sister angels, real hard work and interaction with beautiful families in Alexandra. It was both a humbling and hugely fulfilling experience.” Bezuidenhout especially thanks the Assault Ryderz’s president, Eugene Makhene, and their chairman, Rambo Maloss for their organisational assistance.

More charitable ventures are in the pipeline for Bestmed Road Rangers. Plans and permits are being finalised to assist Pico Charity Run Foundation to deliver 2000 food parcels to more people in need.

Bestmed Tshwane Classic, a charity cycling race presented by non-profit organisation Hectic Promotions, has focused its efforts during lockdown to keep their cyclist entrants base positive and motivated. Lockdown levels 5 and 4 have left the cycling community frustrated as they were not allowed to ride for a month, thereafter, only being able to cycle within a 5km radius from their homes. The easing into lockdown level 3 has lifted spirits.

Bestmed Tshwane Classic looks forward to welcoming cyclists back to the capital city for the Bestmed Tshwane Classic on 1 November 2020. Should lockdown measures still be in place, a suitable alternative date will be found later in the year or early 2021. Discounted entry fees will stay in effect until further notice to help cyclists who are struggling financially during this time. All proceeds will be used to manage various community-based charity projects in Tshwane. Collaborators include Cycle4FOOD, the City of Tshwane and Bestmed.

The Bicycle Company (TBC) Bestmed Club has taken advantage of technology and indoor training bicycles to cycle during scheduled group club rides every morning, also encouraging, like Bestmed Tshwane Classic, a continued healthy lifestyle, especially during the pandemic. TBC Bestmed Club have been using Strava and the Zwift Companion App to take part in virtual rides, including the ZHR Masters League via Zwift. Petro Labuschagne of TBC states, “This time made us realise just how much we need connection and sports…It’s a reminder that friendships and family make the world go round. It keeps us human, it keeps us sane and we have a sense of belonging.”

Team Bestmed cyclists have also been taking part in virtual international races , which, according to Chris van Rooyen, seem to be far more difficult than physical road races. The Bestmed TEG Women’s Team took part in a Zwift virtual team time trail race on 28 April 2020, for example.

Bestmed Medical Scheme is proud to sponsor these entities, which endeavour to support and encourage their communities, especially during a global crisis. The Scheme thanks them for their generosity and willingness to help communities live their best lives.

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