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Aug 18, 2022

Bestmed offers a unique health and wellness programme to assist members to lead a healthy lifestyle and to live their best lives. The Bestmed Tempo wellness programme offers members a variety of benefits at no cost, regardless of their benefit option.

Bestmed Medical Scheme will be hosting a Tempo Wellness Day in Cape Town on Monday, 22 and Tuesday, 23 August 2022 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (ICC). You are invited to join us to complete your Health Assessment, which includes:

  • The Bestmed Tempo lifestyle questionnaire
  • Blood pressure check
  • Cholesterol check
  • Glucose check
  • Height, weight and waist circumference measurement

The purpose of a Health Assessment (HA) is to get a general understanding of the state of your health. HAs enable you to take a proactive step towards your health and can potentially assist in the early detection of diseases. Once you have completed your HA, all your Tempo benefits are unlocked.

There will also be consultants available to assist you with questions and additional free services such as:

  • HaloCare for questions on the Diabetes management programme. Please note that HaloCare has phoned contacted members in the area that need to urgently meet them at the event site at the time agreed to.
  • Health Assessments (HAs)
  • Eye tests – basic eye test at no cost to any member. Members that are on options that do not provide for optical benefits, will also have access to the basic eyesight screening.
  • Bestmed employees staffing helpdesks, who will provide you with assistance on queries you might have. 
  • Exhibitors to enhance your experience at the Wellness Day. There will also be competitions and lucky draws.

Event Details:




Cape Town International Convention Centre (ICC)

Convention Square, 1 Lower Long Street, Cape Town, 8001



22 and 23 August 2022



Important Information:

Do I need to make an appointment/booking?

  • Yes, you can book an appointment, but you are most welcome to attend the event at any time throughout the day and have your Health Assessment (HA) done.
  • We will do our best to try to help you at the time that you have made an appointment, but we cannot guarantee this. The reason we ask for appointments is to know how many promotional items we need to bring with us to Cape Town to issue to those who made the effort to see us!


What services are available on the day?

  • Health Assessments - This service will be available for members and beneficiaries, who have not yet done their HAs in 2022. The HA consists of a lifestyle questionnaire that you must complete followed by a biometric screening, which will be done by one of our qualified nurses. 

Once you (or any beneficiary 16 years and older) have done your HA, the following benefits will be unlocked for you and your family:

  • Three consultations with a dietician - Assisting with personal goals and a meal plan and follow up consultations.
  • Three consultations with a biokineticist - Assists with personal goals, fitness assessment and exercise plan and, the follow up consultations.
  • If you start with your individual journeys, you will receive your starter pack from the biokineticist and dietician.

If you have any questions regarding the process, you can contact the Bestmed Tempo team at Tempo@bestmed.co.za.

We hope to see you there.

Personally Yours,

Bestmed Medical Scheme

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