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Oct 04, 2023

Self-care is self-preservation. And when the road gets tough, and you don’t feel like you’re enough, the Tempo Emotional Wellbeing Journey is here to help. Best of all, you can start your Emotional Wellbeing Journey directly via the Tempo portal on the Bestmed App or our website.

The Tempo Emotional Wellbeing Journey

Developed by qualified psychologists and healthcare providers, this Journey is intended to help you identify and manage your emotions, as well as the effect they have on your mental health.

The Emotional Wellbeing Journey is available online via the Tempo portal on the Bestmed App or, if you want to access via your PC, you can do so using the Member portal on the Bestmed website.

Because the Journey is available via the Bestmed App, you have access to it when and where it suits you. The super helpful and straightforward content and features you have access to include:

  • lifestyle related information that will help you deal with life’s changes and curveballs,
  • and practical challenges that will enable you to practice the new skills you have to acquire to progress from your current emotional and mental state to your desired state.

Emotional Wellbeing Journey tools

  • Two questionnaires that assess whether the participant experiences symptoms of depression and/or anxiety (for beneficiaries 21 years and older).
  • Access to educational information, challenges, recordings, videos, and support group details (for beneficiaries 16 years and older).

The Emotional Wellbeing Journey isn’t hosted directly on the Bestmed App and/or Member portal on the website. So, once you start your journey, you’ll be redirected to a customised third-party platform to start your journey. Be assured that the personal information you share as part of your voluntary participation in the Emotional Wellbeing Journey will be treated in accordance with data protection and privacy policies relating to third-party involvement.

Life can hit you hard. Because you aren’t always prepared for any challenge that comes your way, you won’t always be in the right state of mind to deal with the challenges you are forced to face. With the Tempo Emotional Wellbeing Journey, you can start to get back on track, and live life at your Tempo.

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