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Jun 20, 2022

We have officially hit the halfway mark for 2022 and plenty of us are planning holidays either abroad or locally. It’s a good time to take a break and enjoy the moment before we take the next half of the year by storm.

Whether you are planning to go on holiday now or later in the year, it’s always a great start to plan ahead. Have a broad idea of your desired destination, solocation/friendcation/famcation or baecation, accommodation, itinerary, duration and most importantly, your budget. These are some of the simple yet important aspects to be considered for your planned trip.

Even more, if you are jet setting to international shores or keeping it local and lekker, don’t forget to add the following to your checklist:

  1. Get your travel documents and credit cards in order.
  2. Get the necessary travel vaccination(s).
  3. Research your destination on relevant ‘need to knows’ like currency, language, weather and laws.
  4. Make the necessary personal arrangements that may be affected whilst you are away e.g. work/school arrangements, pet sitter for your residence
  5. Travel with your medication
  6. Ensure you have your earplugs, face mask and any other essentials you require during your travel.
  7. Pack your cell phone and charger. Find out if you require a new SIM card for your destination.
  8. Pack toiletries and extra clothes just in case.

Other things to keep in mind are your allergies, food intolerance and mental health illness. Check with your doctor or psychologist before you start your planning for the trip. Keep in contact with your friends and loved ones once you’ve left. 

International Travel with Bestmed

Bestmed offers an international travel benefit where members are covered for up to R3 million for international travel for a maximum of 90 days per journey.

To make sure you are covered call 0861 838 333 or email bestmed-assist@linkham.com to activate the international travel benefit when you are planning to travel out of the country.

Your premiums must be up to date and the travel insurance policy must be issued before your date of departure from your country of residence for you to be eligible for these benefits.

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