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Jun 13, 2021

You may not always feel quite as energetic as you did when you were younger, but even moderate exercise will give you substantial benefits at any stage of life. In some sports, of course, older athletes tend to do better – particularly those where mental strength and experience are just as necessary as physical strength, like endurance events.

We all naturally tend to slow a little as we grow older, and declining bone density from age 30 onwards doesn’t help. But that’s no reason to stop moving! To help inspire you to #BeActive again, we’ve put together some pointers for your new, healthier lifestyle – whatever your age!

  1. Start slow and build up

If family and career commitments have kept you out of the gym or off the roads for a few years, be careful not to overexert yourself when you start again. Your residual fitness (yes, there is such a thing!) will soon kick in, but give it a little time and don’t risk injuries through trying too hard, too soon.

  1. Choose a sport for life

Look for low-impact sports (like swimming) or sports which involve moderate exertion and that you will be able to enjoy for many more years. That’s one reason why golf is so justifiably popular – get into it and you will genuinely have a sport for life.

  1. Find like-minded friends

Whatever activity you get into, you’ll enjoy it more if you do it with friends. You could even have a bit of healthy competition between you all – although you could be surprised at just how competitive some people can be!

  1. Eat right

Losing any excess weight and eating foods that give you more of the right kinds of energy will make a big difference to your new exercise plan. The two go hand-in-hand and you’ll soon feel years younger.

  1. Persevere

It may be tough to begin with, but the natural human joy in movement and the abilities of your body will soon kick in. You’ve been successful in your career – you know how to stick to things and hold out for the results you want. Your exercise programme will be the same and it will likely turn out to be the most important investment you ever make.

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