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May 26, 2022

Are your pearly whites starting to look a little more yellow these days? It’s a lot more common than you would imagine. Your smile’s light being “load-shed” might not be bad for your health but it may affect your confidence. Some would even go as far as saying your smile is the beauty of your soul and Bestmed would love to help you keep your soul gorgeous. 

Here are 5 causes of yellow teeth:

1. Genetics: In some cases, tooth colour is a hereditary issue. If one of your parents has yellow teeth, it is likely that you will have yellow teeth too. 

2. Dentin: This is a yellow to brown material inside your teeth, which is covered by enamel, and is one of the biggest culprits of teeth turning yellow. The older you get, the more you wear out the enamel and your teeth turn yellow.

3. BruxismGrinding your teeth, whether you’re asleep or awake could cause your teeth to turn yellow.
4. Smoking: Nicotine stains the surface of your teeth and leaves your teeth looking yellow to brown.

5. Teeth staining foods and drinks: A wide variety of foods and drinks darken and stain your teeth, like curry spices and berries, and tea and coffee.

Luckily, you don’t need to do anything as drastic as leaving your toothpaste on for very long periods of time because that actually does more damage to your gums than it helps your teeth. 

Here are 5 tips to keep your teeth white:

  1. Visit your dentist for professional teeth whitening.
  2. Limit your sugar intake. A high sugar diet is a catalyst for streptococcus mutans, which is bacteria that causes the growth of plague.
  3. Limit tooth staining foods to avoid discolouration.
  4. Add calcium to your diet for strong and whiter teeth.
  5. Brush your teeth with baking soda. Baking soda has natural whitening properties.

Visit your dentist

It’s advisable to have a dental check-up three times a year. Visit the Bestmed App and find a dentist near you for your dental check-up if you haven’t gone yet.


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