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Sep 05, 2022

Every year winter creeps in forcing us to spend more time indoors with bodies yearning for heartier meals to keep us warm, which is usually a recipe for a little weight gain. This is also why many of us spend spring fully committed to our workout routines to get our ‘summer bodies’ back. Bestmed can help you on this yearly journey through our Bestmed Tempo wellness programme, which provides you with access to the Tempo Fitness and Nutrition journeys (beneficiaries 16 and older), whereby you unlock 3 personalised fitness journey consultations with a Tempo partner biokineticist, and 3 personalised nutritional journey consultations with a Tempo partner dietitian once you’ve completed your Health Assessment (HA). You can also join our online Pilates classes throughout the year to help encourage and support a healthier lifestyle regardless of your age or health status. We are going to touch on how these benefits can play a role in helping shed the weight you may have gained this winter, and just improve your overall wellbeing.

Consult with a Bestmed Tempo dietitian
A dietitian can develop a tailormade diet specifically for you. The aim of the diet would be to help you consume enough nutrients to keep you healthy and happy. It will consider your preferences, food intolerances, specific requirements, food allergies and even your budget. Tailormade plans can even be custom-made to fit your blood type, height and current weight. Diets that take these elements into consideration are more likely to be effective than generic ones because they include the food you already like. 

Consult with a Bestmed Tempo biokineticist
A biokineticist is a health professional that focuses on enhancing a person’s physical well-being through scientifically based clinical exercise remedies that focus on many areas including physically rehabilitating people who require orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation, assisting in managing chronic diseases and helping improve sport or athletic performance. They can examine your health and physical requirements and design customised exercise routines to help you achieve your health and physical goals. 

Attend online Pilates classes throughout the year
Pilates is a form of exercise that helps condition your muscles and improve strength and flexibility.  It focuses on developing your core muscles through small controlled movements. It can help increase your balance, improve your posture, teach you control and helps make your muscles look leaner and more sculpted. Pilates may also increase endurance and decrease joint pain if practised often enough. Many individuals take up Pilates as a means of recovering from injuries. It is also a very fun way to exercise!

Tempo is focused on supporting you on your path to improving your health and realising the rewards that come with it. The best part? It’s free! There are no sign-up or joining fees and no monthly payments. All members have access to Tempo regardless of their chosen benefit options and the benefits aren’t paid from their annual savings account or day-to-day benefits. Check out our Tempo page, to see how you can sign up and enjoy all your Tempo benefits!


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