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Aug 31, 2021

It’s time for the youth of South Africa to get vaccinated! We all miss the unfiltered, no curfew and no drinking via timetable groove. We miss those amazing music concerts and spending weekends watching our favourite sports at the stadium. We miss those cross-border road trips and all the other international travel we enjoy. It’s time for us to get vaccinated and start enjoying life like we used to before this pandemic changed everything.

Accounting for almost a third of the population, the 18-34 years age group is the largest population group by age in South Africa with almost 18 million of us out there. We are the most affected by this pandemic as the job losses greatly add to the already plummeting youth unemployment rate and those who are studying, also have to continue pursuing their studies in very challenging conditions and uncertain circumstances. However, being the largest population group means we have an opportunity to make the biggest impact with our vaccination numbers. We also have the biggest voice as champions of this digital world, which means we can be the ones to encourage everyone to get vaccinated and move South Africa back to normal.

Where can Bestmed members get vaccinated?

Bestmed has a large network of healthcare providers. From the onset, we have been in touch with our networks to arrange for our members to be vaccinated at the pharmacies on the Bestmed pharmacy network (e.g. Dis-Chem, Clicks, Van Heerden and Alpha Pharm), similar to our annual flu vaccination process. These pharmacies have an extensive national footprint with more than 1 000 pharmacies across the country that are ready to act as soon as the vaccines become available. Visit our website, www.bestmed.co.za, to search for a pharmacy near you.

Please register to get vaccinated on the Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS) website and go get your shot so that you can go back to living your Best Life!  

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