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May 26, 2022

There is infinite wisdom in seeking help where help is needed. In a case where you are injured, you see a doctor to stitch you up and get you on your journey to recovery. As sad as it is, this is not the same reception therapy gets from society. There is a stigma around therapy – mostly among men – that needing or wanting therapy is a sign of weakness.  

The fear of being stigmatised by others often overshadows the great work that therapy does. In nature, therapy is a means to eliminate troubling symptoms, whether it be mental illness or emotional difficulty. 

Here are the general benefits of therapy:

  • gives a greater understanding of mental health
  • helps you develop wellness goals
  • helps you identify triggers that may lead to unhealthy behaviour
  • helps you improve your interpersonal skills
  • helps you deal with stress, fears and past traumas

There are various types of therapy and each with their own specific benefits. The various types are:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy: Focuses on adjusting your negative thoughts and behaviours.
  • Interpersonal therapy: Focuses on relationship issues and how you interact with others.
  • Dialectical behaviour therapy: A type of cognitive behavioural therapy, which focuses more on regulating emotions.
  • Psychodynamic therapy: Focuses mostly on childhood experiences and unconscious thoughts, mostly on being more self-aware and changing harmful patterns of thought and behaviour.
  • Supportive therapy: Focuses on developing mechanisms to support your own mental health.

Bestmed Mental Health Helpline

Bestmed covers chronic medication for major depression on Beat4, Pace1, Pace2, Pace3 and Pace4 plans.

Bestmed has also partnered with the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (#SADAG) to offer members a free 24-hour mental health helpline, with the aim to support members who experience mental health issues by managing its effects, providing additional support, and improving the quality of life.

SADAG also offers counselling between 08:00 and 20:00 from Monday to Sunday. Contact SADAG via:


Suicidal Emergency: 0800 567 567

24hr toll-free helpline: 080062 7775

Email: mentalhealth@bestmed.co.za

Counselling inquiry: zane@sadag.org

SMS: 43323

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