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Oct 04, 2023

Your Tempo Health Assessment (HA) is a crucial step on your journey to improved health and happiness. It gives you a great overview of the key health metrics that indicate current overall wellbeing and possible risk areas. But how do you do your HA? And do you have to do it before you can start your Tempo Journeys? Let’s find out.

Your essential overview

The Tempo HA is your first step on your Tempo Journey. It’s the starting point against which all your progress will be measured.

The HA is intended for Bestmed beneficiaries 16 years and older and includes the Bestmed Tempo lifestyle questionnaire, a blood pressure check, cholesterol check, glucose check, as well as a height, weight, and circumference check.

It gives you an essential overview of your health status and can help you decide your next steps toward improved wellness.

Do I have to do a Health Assessment?

While the HAs aren’t mandatory, and you can start your online Tempo Journeys without them, we highly recommend that you do the HA first. If you choose to start your Fitness and Nutrition Journeys and you decide to consult a Tempo partner biokineticist or dietitian, they will need you to complete the full HA in-person with them, otherwise they might not be able to assist you with a exercise or eating plan that’s tailored to your health status and needs.

How to complete your Health Assessment

Luckily, completing an HA is quick and easy.

For your convenience the Tempo Health Assessment (HA) is available for completion via the Tempo portal on the Bestmed App or website. Your data will reflect on the Tempo partner pharmacies’ (Clicks, Dis-Chem, and Van Heerden Pharmacy) systems for the registered nurse to also complete the biometric screening portion of the assessment. The completed assessment will give you an important overview of your health status and guide you in terms of which areas require focus to improve your health.

Should you choose to make use of the Tempo Fitness and/or Nutrition programme benefits, the results will also be shared with our Tempo partner biokineticists and dietitians automatically.

We can’t wait to see you succeed! Complete your HA today and start living life at your Tempo.

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