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Jun 20, 2022

Could the change of seasons effect changes in your body? Do you feel stiffer during cold days than hot summery days? Well, this is totally normal. During cold weather, the flow of blood to your muscles isn’t as quick as it usually is, causing your muscles to get tight. As a result of this and to avoid an unexpected injury, a good 5 – 10-minute warmup becomes an essential part of your daily routine during winter for the following reasons:

  1. To prepare your body for exercise
  2. To increase the flow of blood in the muscles
  3. To raise the body temperature
  4. To reduce body soreness and the risk of injury (muscles tearing or twisting in a harmful way)

Here are four winter warmup exercises


  1. Stand with both feet shoulder-width apart
  2. Lower your hips to thigh height while keeping your back straight
  3. Stop when your knees are above but still not passing your toes
  4. Stand up straight from this position
  5. Repeat the process


  1. Lay on the floor with your elbows under your shoulder and forearm flat on the floor
  2. Raise up until your body is straight from your knees to your head. 
  3. Keep this position for as long as you can.

Side lunges:

  1. Stand shoulder-width apart.
  2. Squat over your foot of choice while keeping the opposite foot straight.
  3. Stop when your knees are above but still not passing your toes.
  4. Stand up straight from this position and repeat the process with the opposite leg.

Push ups:

  1. Lay on the floor with your palms flat on the ground under your shoulders.
  2. Push your arms until they are straight, and your chest, torso and knees are of the ground.
  3. Repeat the process.

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