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Mar 22, 2021

World Hearing Day, 3 March 2021, marks the launch of the World Report on Hearing, presenting a global call for action to address hearing loss and ear diseases across the life course. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 466 million people worldwide had disabling hearing loss in March 2020, 34 million of these being children. It is great to know that Bestmed offers hearing aid benefits that help to improve the lives of our members.

Many of us cannot imagine not being able to enjoy music, hear our favourite human’s voice or hear anything at all, not even for a few minutes or hours! It is a sense that we should truly appreciate, and the loss of which we should work to rehabilitate where possible.

The theme of World Hearing Day is to promote hearing care for all! Screen. Rehabilitate. Communicate. The WHO took to social media inviting organisations, events and individuals alike to participate in an online HEAR-a-thon on social media. The aim of the digital event was to showcase the activities and events being delivered around the world with regards to the launch and promotion of the World Report on Hearing. All related promotional activities were deemed part of the WRH Hear-a-thon. The idea was that the combination of local activities and events around the world would result in a continual stream of promotional activity for the report over the 24-hour period of World Hearing Day 2021.

The social media activity, posts and media of the HEAR-a-thon can be found under the hashtags listed below for you to view and participate in so we can keep the conversation going:

  • #hearathon2021
  • #worldhearingday
  • #hearingcare
  • #safelistening

The key messages of World Hearing Day 2021 target:

Policy makers

  • The number of people living with unaddressed hearing loss and ear diseases is unacceptable.
  • Timely action is needed to prevent and address hearing loss across the life course.
  • Investing in cost effective interventions will benefit people with hearing loss and bring financial gains to the society.
  • Integrate person-centred ear and hearing care within national health plans for universal health coverage.

General public

  • Good hearing and communication are important at all stages of life.
  • Hearing loss (and related ear diseases) can be avoided through preventative actions such as: protection against loud sounds, good ear care practices and immunisation.
  • Hearing loss (and related ear diseases) can be addressed when it is identified in a timely manner and appropriate care sought.
  • People at risk of hearing loss should check their hearing regularly.
  • People with hearing loss (or related ear diseases) should seek care from a healthcare provider.

Bestmed hearing aid benefits for 2021

Bestmed’s hearing aid benefits are something we are proud of. With our network of well over 380 speech and audiology practitioners, and hearing aid acousticians, we are sure to provide the best cover to our members.

Today’s hearing aids are compact and, in some cases, hardly visible! We cover various types of devices in accordance with the approved hearing aid NAPPI list.

What cover do we offer per benefit option?

Medical aids, apparatus and appliances including hearing aids (hearing aids are subject to pre-authorisation)





No benefit. Savings account. Savings account. Savings first. 100% Scheme tariff. Limited to R11 519 per family. (Subject to overall day-today limit)


Hearing aids are subject to





Limited to R8 000 per family every 24 months. (Subject to the overall day- to- day limit). Limit on hearing aids of
R28 796 per beneficiary per 24 months.
Limit on hearing aids of
R32 418 per beneficiary per 24 months.
Limit on hearing aids of R36 098 per beneficiary per 24 months.


Hearing aids are subject to



No benefit Limited to R28 736 per beneficiary per
24 months at DSP.

Pre-authorisation is required for all hearing aid devices to be fitted and the following documents are mandatory requirements for obtaining pre-authorisation:

  • A fully detailed audiogram for all tests performed
  • A comprehensive quotation, which includes the product name and details (behind the ear, in the ear, custom) and the number of devices to be fitted.
  • Product details and NAPPI code
  • Motivation for obtaining a hearing aid device

The above-mentioned documentation may be emailed to hearingaidauth@bestmed.co.za. Following successful pre-authorisation and fitment of the product, every claim should be accompanied with an authorisation number.

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