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May 12, 2021
  1. We regard you, our advisors, as vital to the Scheme’s operations and overall business. Because of this, we want to make your portfolio management as seamless and efficient as possible. Please be reminded of the following cut-off dates for the registration of new business.

    Registration will be allowed in the following cases:    

    1. If a clean application form with no outstanding information is received on the cut-off day and activation has not taken place, we will request payment irrespective of previous cover.
    2. If a member application is received after the cut-off date but before the 4th of the following month and member has continuous membership (no gaps) we will request payment, provided that all information is received.

    Registration will not be allowed in the following cases:  

    1. If a member has a gap in cover and the application is received AFTER the cut-off date, the inception date will change to the following month.
    2. If the application was received before the cut-off date but outstanding information was received after the 4th of the following month, the inception date will change to the following month.
    3. Advisors or members that submit applications after the cut-off and make a direct payment without prior approval will be refunded or the funds will be used towards the next premium payment.

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