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Nov 09, 2020

As Bestmed Medical Scheme is a medical aid for members by members, it strives to embody its brand promise of being “Personally Yours” in all its activities.

 The Best in customer satisfaction

Bestmed participated, alongside five other large medical schemes, in the SA Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi), which measures customer satisfaction in the country, using a multi-variate model. Weighted indices include perceived quality and value, customer expectations and satisfaction, customer complaint incidence and handling, and customer loyalty. Bestmed’s results for 2020 placed the Scheme at the forefront of customer experience in the South African medical scheme industry.

 Perceived quality and value

The perceived quality index measures a customer’s actual experience of the quality of the Scheme’s level of service and products, while the perceived value index measures quality relative to price paid. Bestmed is top of the industry with overall scores of 84.2 for perceived quality (industry average is 83.0) and 78.0 for perceived value (industry average is 72.2).

 Customer expectations and satisfaction

The customer expectations index measures a customer’s anticipation of the Scheme’s products and services. Bestmed received second place by a mere 0.4 difference in overall score to a larger medical scheme. Bestmed received a score of 85.4, in line with the industry average of 85.0.

Customer satisfaction is a weighted average of overall satisfaction with a product or service; the degree to which a product or service has met, fallen short of or exceeded expectations; and how a product or service compares to a customer’s idea of the ideal product or service. Bestmed once again exceeded the industry average (76.1) with an overall score of 77.4, placing first in the industry in customer satisfaction.

 Customer complaint incidence and handling

The score given in this section of the survey includes the percentage of customers who placed a complaint in the last six months and a rating of how effectively the Scheme dealt with their complaint. Bestmed received the lowest number of complaints in the industry with a score of 12.4% (industry average is 16%).

 Customer loyalty

This index measures a customer’s likelihood to repurchase a product or service in future, as well as price tolerance. Bestmed’s overall loyalty index is top of the industry with a score of 70.6% (industry average is 68.8%) with 82% of customers likely to repurchase.

 The Best employer

Bestmed’s mission is not only to offer “Personally Yours” products and services to our beneficiaries, partners and other external stakeholders, but to create a “Personally Ours” culture with the Scheme, where all employees can contribute their unique ways to make Bestmed the best employer in the industry. We promote a highly engaged workforce in a performance-enabling environment, where employees (known as Heartbeats) are both valued and rewarded for their commitment because we know that happy employees = happy members and stakeholders.

We recently carried out our annual Organisational Human Factor Benchmark (OHFB) survey. The survey allows us to understand the state of the organisational health and its associated performance and governance risks. The results then assist in implementing interventions that:

  • drive manageable stress and related-ill health interventions
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • reduce employee turnover
  • foster corporate citizenship behaviour
  • improve workplace safety
  • improve employee health and lifestyle

This year we recorded a 100% response rate. The results showed that compared to the norm and at a group level, a well-balanced and supportive work environment is evident, reflecting particularly good workplace management.

The work-related wellbeing of Bestmed 2020 staff mostly exceed the SA benchmark, which is an excellent result especially considering the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health of people.

Our culture is inclusive, diverse, accountable, transparent, friendly, and honest, which unites and inspires Heartbeats daily. As every employee is committed to doing the right thing and is empowered to do their best work, which ultimately makes our partnership with you work as well as it does.

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