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Feb 17, 2021

Medical research keeps progressing and improving and as a result, the general population life expectancy continues to grow. The advent of vaccines and early detection procedures has irradicated some deadly diseases, increasing the average person’s lifespan, and reduced the likelihood of developing often fatal illnesses. And, as a Bestmed member, you have access to an array of preventative care benefits that vary depending on your benefit option.

Preventative healthcare empowers people to take a proactive approach to managing their health, providing far reaching and long-lasting health benefits.

It may also lower the amount of money or savings you spend on doctor’s visits and medication by preventing serious diseases before they occur. Even more critically, it allows for the early detection of a myriad of ailments, and thus increases chances of successful treatment and reduces the amount of time you might need to spend in a hospital bed or receiving treatment from ancillary healthcare providers.

We provide practical preventative care benefits for the whole family depending on your option. These include:

  • The annual flu vaccine to protect against infection by influenza viruses
  • Female contraceptives to assist each female beneficiary with family planning
  • Paediatric immunisations to stimulate the immune system to provide children with protection against specific infections
  • A Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test to measure the level of PSA in the blood in men over 50
  • Back and neck preventative programme to assist members with chronic back and neck pain and to improve the clinical state of the back and/or neck in lieu of surgery
  • HPV vaccinations help protect against certain types of HPV that can lead to cancer or genital warts
  • Mammograms and pap smears to detect early signs of cancers
  • Bone densitometry to diagnose osteoporosis or assess risk for suffering a fracture

View our preventative care info to see which benefits apply to your benefit option.

In addition to all this, our Tempo wellness programme allows all Bestmed members to take advantage of additional preventative care benefits. Once members complete their Health Assessment, they unlock medical interventions for the whole family every year – completely free.

These include activities such as:

  • Dietitian consultations for individuals (over 18 years) and a family nutritional assessment
  • Biokeneticist consultations
  • Baby growth assessments
  • Occupational therapist consultations
  • 24/7 Mental health helpline
  • Online lifestyle intervention workshops

We sincerely regret that we have had to cancel our onsite wellness days and events due to the COVID-19 pandemic precautions. The health of our employees and their families, our suppliers, business partners, employer groups, as well as you, our members, are of utmost importance to us.

Even in this time we will continue to provide quality healthcare to your employees, and excellent service to you. In choosing Bestmed, you and you family can take advantage of our preventive care benefits, so they can continue to live their best life!

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